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Looking Back, When Do You Think Your First Parkinson’s Symptoms Started? What Were They?

Looking Back, When Do You Think Your First Parkinson’s Symptoms Started? What Were They?

When did you first become aware that something wasn't right? Looking back what were your first symptoms?

posted August 19, 2015
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A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

I was diagnosed just over two years ago, after having a progressively worsening tremor. My General Practioner told me for six months it was nothing, I would just have to live with it. She reluctantly referred me to a Neurologist. In the mean time I found myself a new GP, who actually asked me medical questions. I would say that many of my symptoms I had been experiencing for at least two years before the tremor started. Muscle stiffness loss of sense of smell poor coordination deteriorating hand writing bladder problems constipation, to name just some. All symptoms that I now know were PD symptoms. Even driving became an issue if I was tired,I noticed that at times I had to really concentrate to stay in the lane. At that time I knew nothing about PD.

posted September 29, 2015
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

Sounds familiar but this is such a new event to many the idea of younger folks being DX is a revolution. My bride of over 50 years lost her dad to Parkinsons in the 50s the treatment of choice at that time in his area of the country was to extract all his teeth. They did and improved nothing improved but what is important to everyone is that we are embracing new technology and new understanding. With research and work we can do wonders for the folks coming behind us. All I can find and hang my treatment protocol on is exercise of all kinds. I fortunately belong to a gym where everyone looks out for the others. This morning I froze while getting off a machine and a wonderful lady who I have never seen before came to provide assistance, The world has wonderful folks. Take care an luv to all

posted August 22, 2016
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

I was on amitriptyline and my doctor said I could go off of it but to do it slowly. So I did, took about a month and had no withdrawal. I find the levodopa to be good so far. I'm on one 25-100 mg tab 4 times a day. The latest research seems to find levodopa does not contribute to making it less effective as you go along, but the reason it becomes less effective is just the Parkinson's running its course. Therefore, one needs higher doses. So far, I haven't needed other drugs yet to help but know it will come. It doesn't completely kill the pain but makes it hardly noticeable. It takes about a 1/2 hour after my first pill in am to begin working, then after about 3 hours it begins to wear off. At 4 hours, I take another pill. I agree, if you can't change it then don't worry about it. I hope your day goes well.

posted August 1, 2016
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

@A MyParkinsonsTeam Member,
Please don't discount yourself or your symptoms ever again!! You know your body better than anyone and you aren't lazy.
Before I was diagnosed, I was told that I had familial essential tremors....that someone else in my family had it. I told the doctor that no one in my family had it. And that doctor actually argued with me about it. I asked to be referred to a neurologist. He told me that it wasn't needed. So, I changed physicians! And found the General Practitioner that later found the PD!!
Sometimes, you have to fight for yourself!!

posted May 25, 2016
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

A poem I wrote which you may like to read.

Parkinson has come into my life.
A most unwelcome guest.
To overcome his limitations
I'll try my very best.
I'll ride my bike, exercise, walk and stand up tall.
Which will hopefully prevent another fall
‘Cause they just happen without any warning at all.
Frustrations and challenges lie ahead –
Like simply turning over in bed.
Getting in and out is becoming a chore.
Sometimes when I go to walk, one foot seems to be stuck to the floor.
But I have a satin nightie and a satin sheet.
It makes getting out easier and is a real treat.
I often have trouble falling asleep
Because my left foot wants to jump and leap.
My voice is quieter so I have to think LOUD
And when I speak, imagine I'm in a crowd.
Broken bones and dislocations are painful and no fun
Four fractured ribs and three vertebrae. Ouch –I’ve had a bad run
Now I can’t even stand up straight
And have a very stooped and ponderous gait
My balance is awful , my handwriting too,
But thank God for the computer, I can still write to you..
So, with God's grace, kind friends and family,
I hope I'll be able to live out my life quite happily.

posted April 2, 2016

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