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Symptoms Or Differences Between Familial Tremor A Parkinsons

Symptoms Or Differences Between Familial Tremor A Parkinsons

I'd like as many people to give me a summary of meds they have been given and is it an ease of the symptom or a complete
Help. Beside certain side effects

A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

OK Dennis, I'll summarize my meds, BUT, you must remember that each of us is affected differently by PD, What helps one person may do absolutely nothing for someone else!. Same goes for the side affects...not everyone will get all the same side affects...or, ANY side affects. My meds: Parcopa, Sinemet ER, Paxil, klonapen, Rytarry, stalevo, Mirapex and amantadine. I've had PD for 23 years which is the reason for all the different meds. To find out what they do and their side affects, Google the medication name. Be sure you get your info from.a reputable website. (i.e., The Parkinson Foundation).

Good luck.

posted almost 4 years ago
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