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How Much Longer Will I Be Able To Work?

How Much Longer Will I Be Able To Work?

I'm 58 and not ready to go home yet. I have an office job but I'm under a lot of stress. I have to schedule about 3000+ people/day.

A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

Only you can answer that question. I retired early as I could afford to plus I was starting to have balance issues and I did not want to end up falling and hurting myself at work.
If you don't feel comfortable deciding when it is time , is there someone at work who knows you well and that you trust? Maybe they could help......Then maybe you could get a less stressful, different job to keep the mind and body active. Although I retired I am now volunteering at a soup kitchen and have taken up painting ,among other things , which keep me active.
It is not easy I know and I wish you the best with making this difficult decision.


posted 8 days ago
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