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Are There Other Conditions That Can Mimic PD?

Are There Other Conditions That Can Mimic PD?

Essential Tremor (ET)
•Short for Essential Tremor, ET, is fairly common amongst the elderly population, yet may begin at any age.
•ET is different from the PD tremor in that it affects both hands, often involves head tremor and a shaky quality to the patient’s voice.
•Essential tremor is thought to be different from PD.
•However, recent research shows that ET may be a risk factor for PD. In fact, up to 20% of ET patients may develop Parkinsonian symptoms, Parkinson’s… read more

A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

When I went to a neurologist for the first time they didn't MRI to rule out MS. One just said I had essential tremor. I changed neurologists to a neurologist/movement specialist who did many other test along with a DAT scan and based on his observations and test findings he did diagnosed me with Parkinson's

posted over 4 years ago
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

This information is very interesting. I will read it later. It is now 5.15 am here so not at my best. However, I will read it later,

posted over 4 years ago
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