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Do You Suffer From A Crisis Of Purpose????
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member asked a question 💭

Fabulous timing for my fav motivation email service, Positively Positive, to put out this post today:

A Crisis of Purpose Can Be Your Chance to Make Dreams Come True by Karin Sieger

A crisis of purpose can happen when life does not go our way, and we realize it may never go our way. We may feel stuck with few or no options. But wait. It does not have to be this way.

It is not uncommon to have more or less fixed notions about the path our life will take, the roles we will play, the identity… read more

posted February 11, 2017
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A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

I am an alcoholic. The hell I went through because of my drinking could for me be only overcome by a complete change of my life. I had to decide on a new way to live if I wanted my nightmare to end. With the help and guidance from others who suffered from the. same disease and s loving higher power I have been sober over 10 years and I am very happy I am. I know this is a Parkinson's site and I share the above to explain my present attitude. When I was diagnosed with PD I sort of had a head start on dealing with an incurable disease. The changes in my life from PD are not what I was hoping for. Since I had previous experience with redirecting my life I knew what to do. That is treat the challenge in front of me as an opportunity to grow and be happier in my life. Counter intuitive for sure but my previous experience helped make this change easier. I hope for a cure someday but until then I am going to make the most of things and help anyone I can to do the same. I am a much more happy and positive person than I have ever been and look forward to even more. When things get to me I look for positive things to help me back to center. I was asked one time why I was at an AA meeting after being sober so long. My answer which applies to being on this site daily was because I need people and hopefully people need me. Haveing a great day on purpose and sharing it with others is my new purpose. Hugs to all!!!

posted February 12, 2017
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

HBW. It is good to see how you are handling the different situations in your life. My son is a recovering alcoholic, been sober about 12 years. He is now a counciling coach for people with addictions. I know addictions are something you have to face every waking minute of the day. Parkinson's is also something some of us have to face every day. The different symptoms for many of us can be helped by prayer and concentration on what you are dealing with, tremors for instance. For me, if I am have a problem with tremors, I can do something that takes total concentration, such as reading, or writing a note to someone or working puzzles on my Kindle. I have heard that doing word puzzles are good for our brain too. Everyone is so different and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. But it is good to share with one another and try different things to keep us working at not letting Parkinson's get us down. Hope you are having a good day today. Keep on keeping on.

posted February 15, 2017
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

Having cancer, then PD was NOT my game plan. That being said, I probably enjoy and live my life far better than I would have and far better and fuller than most do. It has highlighted my values and I am happy.

posted February 11, 2017
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

I too do have ups and downs ... like when I knock over everything I touch, especially in kitchen. I have troubles with feet and joints and just do not know which is PD and which is neuroapathy (f/chemo)?? Or, just getting "older". I try to make it a point to get exercise everyday from walking to yoga to gardening. Anything. It is not as much as I probably should do, but it is something. I do my feet when in tub or watching tv. I meditate/or pray often. I am pretty positive but ... I too, have "moments".

posted February 16, 2017
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

@A MyParkinsonsTeam Member I think we all go through periods of doing fairly well and feeling under control and then days when you really start to lose it - - like for me, I don't typically have strong symptoms, but on the days when I am wearing sneakers on my tile floor and keep tripping myself because I forget to pick up my feet I want to scream at myself. I walk around the house like a crazy person telling myself "pick UP your feet!". And I think "I'm getting worse". And then I ride my bike for 20 miles and I pick up my feet for the next couple of weeks. Its always going to be a battle. its just to what degree are you battling that day? Tell him to keep his spirits up and whatever area he seems to be slipping in, there is probably a therapy that will help bring him strength in that area he should try (whether its voice, arm strength, standing up, walking, etc.). Let me know what he is feeling worse symptoms with. Lisa

posted February 11, 2017

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