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Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

Did anybody who has had dbs surgery develop additional symptoms after surgery?

A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

I had DBS about 18 months ago, and am very satisfied with the result of the surgery. I had two unexpected side effects. First, I have gained about 20- lbs despite trying desperately to continue vigorous exercise. My advice would bed to watch your weight carefully following surgery and be ready to adjust your diet if needed. The second side effect is a slight hoarseness which has affected the volume of my speech and makes it difficult for others to hear me. This is accentuated when my stimulator is increased so I'm walking a fine line between effective motor control and impact on my voice. All things considered, however, this surgery has been a game-changer for me and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

I had it in October after my tremors got suddenly severe, and it was a game -changer, especially because I couldn't type.. My doctor said that brain impairment is unusual, but my grown son says that he has noticed it, and I find that I do lose my train of thought more. I can either have tight tremor control or balance, and I seem to be grinding my teeth- it is clear to me that the DBS is involved. I also have twisting leg dyskeniesas in bed.

posted 11 months ago
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