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Revealing Parkinson's Prior To Being Hired At A New Job - Suggestions?

Revealing Parkinson's Prior To Being Hired At A New Job - Suggestions?

I was laid off a few months ago and have been interviewing for a job at a smallish company that is known for its caring attitude towards its employees and its collaborative culture. One of things I decided to do when looking for a job this time around is to reveal that I have PD before being hired. I want to be in a situation where I'm "out" at work, and also do not want to get into a situation where I reveal the information after they hire me and then they want to get rid of me. I know it's… read more

A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

People with Parkinson’s have the right to ask for what they need and to use the resources available. “Don’t be ashamed to take advantage of what’s been put in place to protect you. Take advantage of FMLA if you can. If you’re having a bad day, take it off. Make time for self-care,” read more...

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A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

Thanks for that link, I should've known there's a whole website out there to help with Parkinson's legal issues put together by ... a lawyer with PD! Much appreciated.

posted 13 days ago
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