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Does anyone else have olfactory hallucinations?

Does anyone else have olfactory hallucinations?

For several years, I have been smelling fragrances that aren't there, some pleasant, others not. For example, I spent one whole day with the smell of our friends' well-water in my brain. That smell made me happy, as I miss our friends (they lived in another state, and now live in another country). Sometimes I smell synthetic odors, like plastic. I don't always smell things that everyone else does (exhaust, perfumes, etc.). One of the neurologists I have seen said… read more

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A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

Though I have only recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's, 2-3 years ago I began smelling a constant burnt coffee or almost a mild skunk smell (yes,… read more

posted 26 days ago
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