An unusual situation. Can someone out there help me.?

An unusual situation. Can someone out there help me.?

I am a retired RN so understand to some degree Parkinsons, I have a "boyfriend" who has Parkinsons and he lives in a care facility.
Aside from the usual issues of his disease, my friend has a major paranoia about anyone knowing about our relationship. We have known each other for 10 years but have only had a close relationship for about a year. I really care about him and want to be there for him in whatever the future may hold.
I am really tired of creeping… read more

A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

Bless you and him, hard disease for both. I sent you an email

posted 5 months ago
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member said:

It sounds to me like the caring you feel is one-sided because he doesn’t want anyone to know about you. Your having to use a fire escape to visit him is so ridiculous that I wondered at first whether your post was fiction. You deserve better. His paranoia may be part of his PD and could be dementia, but it is taking an unfair toll on you. Discuss this with a family member of his and see what the doctor told that family member. Praying for you.

posted 6 months ago
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