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Mindfulness Question.
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member asked a question 💭

I'm giving this a fair go, and it does help...sitting still, consciously thinking about breathing, does genuinely make me feel better.

However...many of the "guided meditations" are big on openers like "just relax", "let the tension go from your body", "let your muscles loosen". For me with my rigidity-heavy version of Parkinson's, this is currently nigh impossible without the aid of the pharmaceuticals and is increasingly making me more than a little resentful and critical...it feels like the… read more

posted December 4, 2023
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A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

Adjusted response.
Nigel, as you know with PD, you have to modify much in the world to make it work for you. So, I suggest you find the things that help you and modify them safely to make them fit in your world.
There are lots of free options as Theo said so get creative and make it work since you know it helps.
Good luck, Maria

posted December 4, 2023
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

My mum once had a T shirt that said "Don't start with me, you know how I get."

It could end up being our family motto...

posted December 4, 2023
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

Nigel, I was a nay sayer for a long time but in desperation and after hearing so many people tell me how much guided meditation/imagery, I sat through the meditation and relaxation classes given by different instructors on Silver Sneakers. Each instructure seems to have their own style and some are pleasing to me and some make me want to disable my laptop. I leaned style matters to me AND that when I did breathing exercises before meditation, I was able to relax as much as is possible for me and enough to benefit from the meditation portion of the instruction.
Me, being the queen of novel approaches (self-declared) I took the best attribute of each of these sessions , combined them with some sessions I learned on You Tube and formed my own version of guided meditation.
I use music that calms me.
I do 4 deep breaths
I do box breathing 3 times
I do my crazy stretch and flex movements as best as I can
I either close my eyes and imagine anyone of a variety of nature moments that make me happy and breath slowly and try not to fall asleep-
This really works for me. and is doable because I choose the details, how to relax without being told, what voice or sound I want to hear, the strenuousness of my stretching and flexing and the image i want to envision, while focusing on my breathing. if any, for use in meditation. You know, I learned I can worry or be angry when I am counting my box breathes. Is that a PD thing or an actual gift?
It took a bit of time to pull these details together but for the first time in my life, I have time. Once developed, I found it relaxes my mind and body and it is extremely simple, non-irritating and beneficial for me. This was a win for me- I got what I wanted, how I wanted it and can do this when I want to and my body and mind feel so much better. This works so well that when I miss a morning of this, I feel like I forgot to brush my teeth or brush my hair.. The only downside is I had to find something else to be annoyed about but as you know, with PD, that is an easy challenge.

My new Movement Specialist/Neuro annoyed me when I tried to get me to relax so he could measure my stiffness and tremor. I was kind and did not tell him what a rooky mistake that is. His words just made me more stiff and stressed. I see him again next week. I hope he doesn't run the same measurement. I'll try to smile.

posted December 4, 2023
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

Thanks guys. My husband used to tell me to stay in their rooms when I got quiet.
After years of having to talk to folks, I developed the habit using logic rather than conflict to get folks to see a different approach. That is a tough habit to break, especially with folks I care about. Good advice, thanks.

posted December 4, 2023
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

Maria Or just communicate that it doesn’t help you relax and let him know what might work better. My husband gave me a bracelet with a quote from Shakespeare Although she be but little she is fierce. I am 4’8 and 80lbs. I wear my bracelet to every appointment to remind me that I am my own best advocate and need to be listened to! If he takes offense that’s his issue. I am sure you will do it in a polite manner.

posted December 4, 2023

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