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Has Any One Experienced A Noticeable Difference In The Effect Of Their Medication, Levodopa, After A Colonoscopy?
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member asked a question 💭

Seriously, here is the explanation. For as long as I can remember, 2-3 years, I have suffered from sleep attacks. My MDS thought it was probably a side effect of the Ropinirole (requip) so we lowered the dose. Had little to know change on my sleep attacks. I suspected the levodopa do to the observation that 20 minutes or so after I take it I am very sleepy. If I am idle, I will sleep, usually in the form of a sleep attack. On the morning of my colonoscopy, I took none of my am med to… read more

posted September 28, 2015 (edited)
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A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

I was found to have a version of Narcolepsy----especially during the evening hours. My sleep studies indicate that I have mild obstructive sleep disorder and I also consistently am missing part of my REM sleep.

posted October 5, 2015
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

Hi Rosie2(July 13,2023,Thursday night), I am reaching out, I have PD, 2017), and I love talk time. I would really like for you to help me. My closest friend of 15 years, passed away last month. I am 71 and almost every one in our neighborhood works or can drive. I feel mostly empty right now. What do you do to keep going? I have a new puppy Lao Tzu who is a Rescue. Our other dog is a Rat Terrier, who is not too fond of the 3 month old energy ball of fur. I have a Reader and a Tablet to allow me to read again. Books 📚 were too big, heavy, and awkward with my PD and tremors. My husband, Clay, found a "pillow pad" on Amazon that holds my Tablet at exactly the right angle for reading and typing. I used to crochet, quilt, and other needle work, have not been able to master those yet. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I believe we're going to have a great new friendship. Blessings, love JudyTx 🌹

posted July 13, 2023
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

I everyone, this is Rosie 2
Today is Thursday Oct 27, 2022 I take Azilect every day , I don’t see any changes or what it suppose to help with . So, I stopped taking it for a we or so & nothing happened. Doctor said it works well with carbidopa &
Levodopa. I couldn’t tell .
So, I went back to taking it again nothing happened!
I have accepted Parkinson.
Now I fight myself in trying my best to help me .
Reading, excerising with YouTube on tv helps me feel less alone . The instructor talks to you which makes me feel like if I was actually there . Now, I trying to locate
anyone on same team if , anyone lives close to me .
Don’t want to interrupt your life . Just met you to say I’m here if you like to just talk about anything or just listen to you . Just like meet someone on my team with Parkinson. So, I won’t feel so alone. Maybe eventually
be friends . Most of my friends have disappeared
Or who knows where have they gone to . Thank you

posted October 27, 2022
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

I forgot to mention the Narcolepsy----I have it mostly during the evening hours. I fall totally asleep in as little as 45 seconds and sleep for varying lengths of time. It feels like I was asleep for 5 minutes, when it was actually over an hour. This was diagnosed during one of my sleep studies specifically designed to find this out. I forget the whole name of it, but it was multiple sleep level something.

posted December 19, 2015
A MyParkinsonsTeam Member

Regular Requip made me extremely sleepy. Switched to extended release and the problem was solved.

posted October 1, 2015

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